A Deal, Not So Great

October 2, 2010 - One Response

I am not one who takes delight in shopping for or buying new clothes.  In fact, I never do so until my sweet wife declares that my apparel is not only an embarrassment to her, but to the whole of our ancestry and progeny. So, today (on a Saturday mind you), because I am again wearing suits and ties, we went tie shopping. We rummaged through the mountains and racks of ties until I found two that I liked and Tammy approved of. The task almost accomplished, I looked at the price tag – $36.00 per tie. I was told that the price was not so steep if I considered that I could get the second tie at 50%. Well, while I am no math whiz, I could see that, even with such a “fabulous” discount, I would still be paying $36.00 for a tie. We left the store with me still being an embarrassment to all.

All will be happy to know that my tie problem was taken care with a visit to T.J. Maxx (We were there not to buy ties, but to pick up some dishes for Tammy.). On our way to the checkout counter we stopped by their single rack of ties, and to our delight we found two nice ties among the mass of hopelessly ugly ones. I left the store the a happy and soon to be well dressed man, having bought two ties for $18.00, a savings of $36.00.


A New Job – A New Ministry

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By the Lord’s grace and the prodding of a good friend, I have been given a new job – a new ministry at Bob Jones University. I am the newest member of the Office of University of Advancement, specializing in planned giving. I would not have thought myself qualified for such a position, and sometimes am quite certain that I am not, but my friend, Terry Whaley, insisted that I could learn the business side of things. Because of his confident prompting I applied for the position and after two weeks of very thought interviews, the Lord gave me the job. The blessings of this new opportunity are many: I am privileged to work in the wonderful environment of BJU, I have the honor of ministering to those who are members of the BJU Heritage Society, and I am surrounded by thousands of college students – a fountain of youth.

Rather than my trying to explain my new position, those who are interested in the specifics can go to: http://www.bju.edu/giving/planned-giving/heritage.php.

Terry Whaley – I met Terry through our church, Cornerstone Baptist, and instantly liked and admired him (I have not heard of anyone who does not.). It was during the time of our growing friendship that Terry first suggested that I should “come on board” with him at the Office of Advancement. Because I have no meaningful business experience, I dismissed the idea.

Some months later, during a time of prolonged illness, Terry was diagnosed with ALS and Lyme disease. Though weakened by his illness, Terry continued enthusiastically in ministry until he was forced by his illness to go on disability. It was during this time, from his hospital bed, that he again encouraged me to seek a position on the advancement team. Believing that the Lord was speaking through this good man, I did as he insisted and the Lord blessed.

Please pray earnestly for Terry, his wife Michelle, and their children, Alyssa, Kaitlyn, and T.J. Such a burden weighs heavily on each of them. This wonderful family has been a true testimony of God’s grace and loving care.

Home from the Valley of Souls

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Moriah spent the summer in Chetek, Wisconsin, counseling junior and high school kids at Camp Chetek (an Indian name meaning Valley of Souls – a wonderful name for a Christian Camp). The summer was a time given to the spiritual needs of her campers and spiritual learning and growth in her own life. After almost two weeks of training and preparation there were two weeks with inner city kids, two junior weeks, one family week, and three teen weeks. Along with the joy of ministry and making new friends, there was the sadness of very young children whose lives are surrounded by ruin. Moriah’s heart belongs to children and such stories bring real heartache to her.

Tammy and I enjoyed our first season in a home void of children (a reality we do not like). It was very easy to find real pleasure in the company of each other – enjoying the quiet simplicities of life. The greatest joy of the summer was, however, Moriah’s return. We delight in our little threesome.

One Year in the Land of Dixie – Oh My!!!

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It is difficult to believe, our being dyed in the wool New Englanders, that we have been living in the Land of Dixie for one year today. It has been an exciting year of change and challenge – all in the wonder of God’s provision. The swiftness with which the year has past has made it seem like a year “out of time.” All is new: our home, church family, friends, employment, places of fun and interest – it is all new. I will not bore you with those things I have already shared in previous posts concerning the major events of this year. My purpose for this entry is a simple one: to express our thankfulness to our Father in Heaven for His loving kindness to us during this great time of transition in our lives.

* Pictured is the Liberty Bridge at Falls Park

Family Update

July 25, 2010 - Leave a Response

In the last few days I have received three complaints/requests for us to update our weblog. Because I thought no one was reading our family log, I was surprised to know that there might be as many as thirty plus people (I read somewhere that every communicated complaint represents ten disgruntled people.) viewing our site. Wishful thinking aside, below are the promised updates, in brief, for our three loyal and impatient readers.


11, Lincoln’s Birthday – Lincoln posted on one of his communication sites that he was looking for a hobby that did not include books or the internet. In our family a gift giving occasion that does not include at least one book is unheard of and may be against some unwritten code. I thought it might be nice to share with him one of my pastime joys – birding. To that end we sent him a nice pair of binoculars (Why do we call them a pair of binoculars? It seems redundant.), three birding books, and some suggested internet sites. While we failed the whole no books or internet thing, it is a hobby that drives one outside. New England, with its beautiful forests, nature preserves, beaches, and parks, is a wonderful place to begin the pursuit of birds.

21-26, BJU Bible Conference – While we did not get to attend as many services as we had hoped, we greatly enjoyed the Annual Bible Conference at Bob Jones University. We have not attended Bible Conference for over thirty years. When in school, we enjoyed not only the services, but the added opportunities for dating. It was fun to see the evidences of young love all over campus. The services we were able to attend were spiritually meaningful and challenging.


3, Living Gallery – Because we cannot adequately describe the blessing of attending Living Gallery at BJU, we would ask you to visit its link. We expected to see beauty – we saw the love of God.

9-12, Abby’s Visit – It was wonderful to see Abby during her visit with her family. She had come primarily to visit with her mother, who has not been well. We are always overjoyed to have our children with us.

10, Ladies’ Tea – Tammy had the joy of hosting a southern style tea party for a number of the older ladies from our church. She had a wonderful time preparing and a better time sharing her culinary delights and many different teas. My job was to visit with my father and care for Izzy so my mother could attend. Some of the ladies, very sweetly, brought Tammy girly gifts in girly bags. I got to enjoy the leftovers.

15, Moriah’s Birthday – Last year we celebrated Moriah’s birthday from the distance of 999 miles. This year we were not only able to be with her, but celebrated the event for three days. Part of the celebration fell on a day off from school, an added and much needed gift for her.


6, Lincoln’s & Abby’s 2nd Anniversary – It is true that children make the passing years fly by. It is hard to believe that our children are all grown up and that Lincoln and Abby have been married for two years. We are thankful for the Lord’s blessing in their lives at every turn. By God’s design, they could not be better suited for each other or more in love.

8, Moriah A Junior – With the completion of the 2009/2010 school year, Moriah is a Junior – an upper classmen. She has worked hard for this honor and is looking forward to the privileges of her new station in life.

9, Sharon Isben Concert – For my birthday (February), Lincoln and Abby sent me tickets to the Sharon Isben concert at the Peace Center in Greenville. Because the concert fell on Mother’s Day, it was one of those gifts that keeps on giving. We both love classical guitar and therefore had a wonderful time listening to one of the finest guitarist of our time. On the way to and from the concert we were able to enjoy an art show being held in Falls Park and Main Street.

14-21, Lincoln’s & Abby’s Visit; 19-26, David’s & Emilia’s Visit – We had the great joy of overlapping visits from our married children, the highlight of our year. Apart from visits with the grandparents and a walk through the zoo, Falls Park, and downtown Greenville, we enjoyed our time together, mostly at home. It is always great fun to laugh at all the old and new stories (Sometimes it was pick on dad night, but never mom. I wonder why that is.). Lincoln and David are continuing in their doctorate programs (Early American History and Chemistry, respectively) and Emilia and Abby are working at Ace Hardware Stores (Abby also volunteers as a guide at the Minuteman Park in Lexington. She would love to get a job with the park service.). Lincoln and Abby are enjoying the history and beauty of New England and Emi and David are enjoying the rugged beauty of Montana (They have recently gone whitewater rafting and attended a professional bull riding contest.). Both couples are members of wonderful churches and are activity involved in serving the Lord.


1, Moriah Leaves for Camp Chetek – Moriah announced to us in the middle of the school year that she would be spending the summer at Camp Chetek in Chetek, Wisconsin. We, of course, said, “Ok.” While we have missed her, practicing that empty nest thing, she has had a wonderful time of learning and service. She has had two weeks of training, four junior weeks, and one teen week. She has two more teen weeks and then she will be home (August 8). If you would like to see some action shots, you can scroll through the pictures on the Camp Chetek site.

“My little dog – a heartbeat at my feet.”

February 19, 2010 - Leave a Response

My brother Wayne, who has friends throughout Greenville County, with the help of one of those friends at the county dog shelter, found the perfect companion for our parents – a dog (a Brussels Griffon/Yorkie/Silky Terrier mix). She is approximately two years old, weights 7-8 pounds, and has been names Izzy. She and my mother have become inseparable, my father hasn’t decided if she should stay or go. Before I met Izzy, my mother wanted me to know that “she is not a very pretty dog (My concern is that this may be how my dear mother introduced me to people.). Well, Izzy was a gamble on Wayne’s part – one that is already paying many happy dividends.

Global Warming Hits SC

February 13, 2010 - Leave a Response

Last night we received almost five inches of snow. This is a big deal when one realizes that the whole state of South Carolina is brought to a halt by only a half inch of snow or a glazing of ice. Such an event would be of no alarm to us, except that we have to share the road with southerners. It has become our entertainment to count the number of cars that have slide into the rain ditches. Last night we saw a collision in a near empty parking lot. Now, lest you think we are ghouls, no southerners have been hurt during our fits of laughter. Our fear is not the road, but those on the road. More snow is predicted for tomorrow night. We have to do something about global warming.

Elder Care Ministry

January 9, 2010 - Leave a Response

As caregivers to the elderly, assisted living facilities try to provide for the entire well-being of those under their care. To meet their every need, they partner with many other caregivers, from family and friends, to doctors and nurses, to dietitians and housekeepers.

Elderly people in assisted-living facilities, however, often receive little or no pastoral care. Their physical needs are obvious; their spiritual needs, though less obvious, are no less real. These spiritual needs can be met only in part by visitors. What the elderly need, like anyone, is the regular care of a pastor.

With my experience, it is my prayerful hope to partner with assisted-living communities, through Elder Care Ministry, by offering pastoral care to their residence. There are many services I plan to offer, which I trust will help meet their spiritual needs. Among them are weekly worship services and Bible studies, bereavement counseling and funeral services (occasionally, and happily, a wedding), personal time spent talking/sharing with and counseling residents, and being on call 24 hours a day in special time of need.

This endeavor is well on its way: facility lists have been put together, stationary and introductory materials have been designed and printed, programs and studies written, and incorporation (for tax purposes) begun. With the Lord’s blessing, I will be ministering in my first facilities by the end of this month.

Happy Holidays

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All holidays are now centered around Moriah (who greatly enjoys her well earned vacation time) and old family traditions, done a little differently: Thanksgiving dinner was at my mother’s and Christmas dinner at our home. Our new holiday traditions include, among other things, the Carol Sing and Lighting Ceremony and the Messiah at Bob Jones University. Both were very moving.

Our big Christmas question was, where does one find a Christmas tree in South Carolina? Well, the trick is to find a cut tree lot that keeps their trees in water. We were able to find the perfect tree and had it decorated in short order, helping turn our home into a “winter” Christmas wonderland. Next year we will travel to the mountains of North Carolina to a Christmas tree farm, restoring a New England tradition.

Our favorite Christmas present was Lincoln and Abby’s being here with us. Our time together was mostly spent in “quiet” family fun.

A Visit from the Boase of Missouri

November 6, 2009 - Leave a Response

We were very happy to have Tim and Kathryn (Tammy’s youngest sister) visit with us this past week while attending the high school music competitions at Bob Jones University. Kathryn stayed with us; poor Tim had to stay in the dorms (a great and needed experience while in college, but…). Tim was able to join us for meals a couple of times and we were able to take them on a brief tour of downtown Greenville and Falls Park. Sadly, so many miles stand between us and our families.